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ARM 授權台灣地區專業經銷商  Keil 8051 C Compiler

 KEIL 8051 編譯器 開發工具:
  KEIL 8051 編譯器產品共分為三種規格: PK51, CA51, A51







規格比較表   PK51 CA51 A51
far Code/Data Support
Dallas 390, Philips MX, Analog Devices ADuC812
uVision4 IDE   詳細
A51 Assembler [Macro Assembler]  
BL51 Code-Banking Linker [Code Banking Linker]  
OH51 Object-HEX Converter [OBJ-HEX Converter]  
OC51 Banked Object Converter [Banked OBJ Converter]    
C51 Compiler [ANSI C Compiler]    
uVision4 Debugger [Simulator]   詳細    
MON51 Target Monitor [Target Monitor]      
AX51 Assembler [Extended Macro Assembler]      
CX51 C Compiler [Extended C Compiler]      
LX51 Linker [Extended Linker]      
OHX51 [Extended OBJ-HEX Converter]      
RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Kernel [Real-time OS Tiny Version]      
ISD51 In-System Debugger [In-System Debugger]      

 KEIL 8051 Real-Time OS 產品:
  KEIL RTOS 產品共分為兩種規格: RTX51 Full (FR51), RTX51 Tiny (TR51)
RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Kernel 已包含在PK51 產品中
RTX51 Real-Time Kernel 已停止銷售
規格比較表 FR51 TR51   FR51 TR51
Round-Robin Multi-tasking Maximum Number of Defined Tasks 256 16
Preemptive Multi-tasking   Maximum Number of Active Tasks 19 16
Cooperative Multi-tasking Required CODE Space 6K-8K bytes 900 bytes
Timeout Events Required DATA Space 40-46 bytes 7 bytes
Interval Events Required Stack (IDATA) Space 20-200 bytes 3 bytes for each task
Signal Events Required XDATA Space 650 bytes (minimum) 0 bytes
Message Events   Timer Used 0, 1, or 2 0
Semaphore Events   System Clock Divisor 1,000-40,000 cycles 1,000-65,535 cycles
Memory Pools   Interrupt Latency Less than 50 cycles Less than 20 cycles
Code Banking Support   Context Switch Time - Fast Task
(Depends on Stack Load)
70-100 cycles  
CAN Libraries (for the Intel 82526 and 82527; Philips 82C200 and 8xC592; and Infineon 81C90, 81C91, C505C, and C515C)   Context Switch Time - Standard Task
(Depends on Stack Load)
180-700 cycles 100-700 cycles
 [ description ] Task Priority Levels 4 1
Maximum Number of Semaphores (Binary) 8  
Maximum Number of Mailboxes 8  
Mailbox Size 8 entries  
Maximum Number of Memory Pools 16  

 MCBx51 Evaluation Board

    The Keil MCBx51 Evaluation Board introduces the 8051 and 251 microcontroller families. It works with all 44-pin 8051 and 251 devices including the Intel 251Sx/Tx; Atmel T80C251G1D/G2D and 8051Rx2; Philips 8051Rx2 and 8xC664; and Dallas 320, 420, and 520.

    The Keil MCBx51 single-board computer is an evaluation board that supports numerous 8051-compatible and 251-compatible devices. The MCBx51 allows you to investigate the capabilities of the 8051 and 251 and create real working programs with the Keil development tools. The MCBx51 works with any 44-pin 8051-compatible or 251-compatible device.

description ]

 KEIL 另有251, 166 的開發工具...



 - Express Logic
 - Green Hills
 - InterNiche
 - Mentor Graphic
 - Micrium
 - VectorCAST

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