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Mentor Embedded Sourcery Probes


Designed specifically to simplify target board bring-up and debug

Mentor® Embedded Sourcery™ Probes have evolved over the years toward one single goal: To enable bare-metal bring-up of new target platforms quickly and easily with the best technology possible, and with the greatest degree of confidence. Sourcery Probe is tightly integrated with the Mentor Embedded Sourcery™ CodeBench debugger, which allows developers to save development time during board bring-up and application debugging.

Sourcery Probe also provides visibility into and control of ARM, MIPS, and Power Architecture cores on-chip debug features. The Sourcery Probe Professional model is available with several JTAG connectors so that a single probe can support multiple processors, architectures, and software environ­ments -right out of the box.

Easy transition from processor reference designs to OEM board designs

Sourcery Probe is integrated with the Sourcery CodeBench debug envi­ronment which provides support for several targets out of the box. Using these targets and provided templates, users can transition from reference board design to OEM board designs seamlessly.

Comprehensive cache and MMU/MPU support

This is defined by each core type, including all write-through and/or write-back cache mode options, memory management or protection modes, and DMA where supported by the core.

Sourcery Probe software debug capabilities include:

- Instruction execution control

- Display and modify target memory

- Examine and modify processor registers

- Run-control visibility and control

- Breakpoint control in ROM, RAM, or Flash memory

- Single-step through source and assembly

- Single-step into, over, or out of functions

Supports the industrys leading cores and board designs

Sourcery Probe supports standard ARM, MIPS, and Power Architecture cores. It also provides out-of-the-box support for several Power Architecture targets and board designs from ARM and MIPS licensees.

Two versions of Sourcery Probe available:


Sourcery Probe


Sourcery Probe




USB2.0, 1Gb Ethernet, Serial






Active probe tips

Voltage Support  

1.8V – 3.3V

1.2V – 3.3V

Download Speed




Both versions of sourcery Probe support:

- ARM, MIPS, and Power Architecture processors

- All CPU core speeds

- Control and debug software running in-target, with minimal intrusion into target operation

- Debug code in cache, ROM, RAM, and Flash memory

- Both big and little endian byte-order

Features & Highlights:

- Supports ARM, MIPS, Power Architecture cores and reference board designs

- Fully integrated with Mentor Embedded Sourcery™ CodeBench software development environment

- High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity

- Run-control visibility and control

- Flash memory programming

- Low-voltage target support

Product Benefits:


Sourcery Probe enables users to observe registers and the current state of target memory. Users can halt program execution at pre­defined states and examine the data for a particular program state


Users can control the state of the target system by downloading code, manually modifying processor regis­ters and memory, single-stepping through the code, or setting break­points


Split-second, single-step executions and high-speed downloads from host to target accelerates development time

Unified ecosystem

Sourcery Probe is compatible with development tools within the Mentor Embedded software solutions suite – work easily within one unified eco­system with some of the industry’s most powerful products.


- Sourcery Probe
- Sourcery CodeBench

Sourcery Probe

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